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Creating Index File from IAcPcDataBuffer

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01-19-2012 06:28 AM

I'm having trouble finding the appropriate documentation for how to create an point cloud index file (PCG).  The only API function I have been able to locate is acpcIndexPointCloud which is a bit too high-level (i.e. it takes an input file name).


What I am trying to do is create a PCG from points in memory.  I have created a class which implements IAcPcDataBuffer and holds my data...could someone point me to the appropriate class/function(s) to use to save it to PCG?


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Re: Creating Index File from IAcPcDataBuffer

01-30-2012 03:40 PM in reply to: rwfrenz20
Sorry, but this is not possible I'm afraid. You may be able to write your points to a LAS file on disk and then call the indexer function that way. Creating the LAS file is a slight pain, so you could also consider writing an ascii file and then use a public domain program called Text2Las to generate the LAS file that way, and then index that...
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