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Creating AcdbLayOut with Selected entities from modal space

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09-09-2012 08:39 PM

My purpse is this: I select some entity in the modal space, then give some params about the width,height of the new AcdbLayout,  the rotate angle of the entity (not rotated in the modal space ,but rotate the coordinate system). I found little code about this. please look at the two pictures.




in the first picture, I select the two entites. and I want to create a new  layout in the paper space like the picture two.

I write some code , but could not get the right result.


    //layoutId 布局ID(AcdbLayOut)
    //btrId 布局所在块表记录ID(AcDbBlockTableRecord)
    bool createlayout(AcDbObjectId& layoutId,AcDbObjectId& btrId)
        AcApLayoutManager *pLayerM =(AcApLayoutManager*)acdbHostApplicationServices()->layoutManager();
        TCHAR* nextLayoutName = pLayerM->getNextNewLayoutName(NULL);

        bool bRes = false;
        if (Acad::eOk == pLayerM->createLayout(nextLayoutName, layoutId,btrId))
            pLayerM->updateLayoutTabs();    // do not know how to set width,height of the layout,
            bRes = true;
        return  bRes;


    AcDbObjectId GetPaperSpaceByName(const TCHAR* szName,AcDbDatabase* pDB = acdbCurDwg())
        AcDbBlockTable *pTable =NULL;
        AcDbObjectId idRec;
        if(pDB->getBlockTable(pTable, AcDb::kForRead) ==Acad::eOk)
            AcDbBlockTableRecord *pRec = NULL;
        return idRec;

    void AcadTest_PaperSpace::smileyfrustrated:tart()
        AcDbObjectIdArray idEnts;
        if (!CSelectionGet::smileyfrustrated:SGetFromDWG(idEnts,_T(""),NULL,true))

        //AcDbObjectId idPaperSpace = GetPaperSpaceByName(_T("*PAPER_SPACE"));
        AcDbObjectId idLayout,idBtr;

        if (!createlayout(idLayout,idBtr))

        AcDbBlockTableRecordPointer pRec(idBtr,AcDb::kForWrite);
        int i=0;
        AcDbObjectPointer<AcDbLayout> pLayout(idLayout,AcDb::kForRead);

        double dPaperWidth = 30,dPaperHeight = 30;
        AcGePoint3d pt3dPaperCn;//布局中图纸的中心位置
        if (pLayout.openStatus() == Acad::eOk)
            pLayout->getPlotPaperSize(dPaperWidth,dPaperHeight);// where to set? I want to set my custom setting

            acutPrintf(_T("\n图纸宽度 %g 高度 %g"),dPaperWidth,dPaperHeight);

            double dXMin,dYMin,dXMax,dYMax;
            acutPrintf(_T("\nPlotPaperMargins %g,%g,%g,%g"),dXMin,dYMin,dXMax,dYMax);

            AcGePoint2d pt2dMin,pt2dMax;
            acutPrintf(_T("Limits: %g,%g,%g,%g,(%g,%g)"),pt2dMin.x,pt2dMin.y,pt2dMax.x,pt2dMax.y,pt2dMax.x-pt2dMin.x,pt2dMax.y-pt2dMin.y);
            dPaperWidth = pt2dMax[X]-pt2dMin[X];
            dPaperHeight = pt2dMax[Y]-pt2dMin[Y];

        for (;i<idEnts.length();++i)
            ads_point ptMin,ptMax;
            if (!Acad_Ent::GetEntExtent(idEnts[i],ptMin,ptMax)) continue;

            ads_point ptCn;

            AcDbViewport *pView =0;
            pView = new AcDbViewport;

            if(pRec->appendAcDbEntity(pView) != Acad::eOk)
                delete pView;


            pView->setViewCenter(AcGePoint2d(0,0));//必须被设置成 (0,0)
            pView->setViewHeight(ptMax[Y]-ptMin[Y]);//不用直接设置比例, 高度为模型空间中高度。
            pView->setTwistAngle(PI/4);// do not work

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Re: Creating AcdbLayOut with Selected entities from modal space

09-11-2012 10:19 AM in reply to: 421232206



The AcDbViewport::setViewCenter requires the point in DCS. Here is a post that sets the viewport to zoom to the drawing extents. On similar lines, the viewport can be set to any other extents which in your case is the extents of the selected entities.


The blog post demonstrates this with a C# code, but the underlying transformation is the same. Hope it helps.



Regarding your other query on setting the layout size, you may try the following code. This code snippet changes the height and width of the default viewport in a layout which has a viewport number = 1.


AcApLayoutManager *pLayoutMan = (AcApLayoutManager *)acdbHostApplicationServices()->layoutManager();

AcDbLayout *pLayout1 = pLayoutMan->findLayoutNamed(ACRX_T("Layout1"),TRUE); 

AcDbObjectId btrId = pLayout1->getBlockTableRecordId();

AcDbBlockTableRecord *pBTR=NULL;
acdbOpenObject(pBTR, btrId, AcDb::kForRead);

AcDbBlockTableRecordIterator*   pIterator= NULL;
pBTR-> newIterator( pIterator);

for (pIterator->start(); !pIterator->done(); pIterator->step())
	AcDbEntity *pEnt = NULL;
	pIterator->getEntity(pEnt, AcDb::kForRead);

	AcDbViewport *pVP = AcDbViewport::cast(pEnt);
	if(pVP != NULL)
		if (pVP->number() == 1)

			struct resbuf var; 
			acedGetVar(ACRX_T("VIEWSIZE"), &var); 
			pVP->setViewHeight(var.resval.rreal * 2.0); 



 Try this code by running it as a command in one of the paperspace layouts. It should have the same effect as that of a zoom out in paperspace. I hope that is what you had meant by changing the layout size.



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