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bug about acedssget when the name of layer contains "#"

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12-18-2012 06:50 AM

I have a dwg with a layer called "2-1#", and there are some inserts on this layer.

there are two layers on this dwg, and I just want to select inserts on layer "2-1#" ,so I tested the following code:


resbuf* rd = ads_buildlist(RTDXF0,_T("insert"),8,_T("2-1#"),0);
            ads_name ssName;
            ads_relrb(rd);rd = NULL;
            long lNumber = 0;

 execute the code ,and selected none.  but then I change the layer name to "2-1", and the code to "ads_buildlist(RTDXF0,_T("insert"),8,_T("2-1"),0);", this works.

so , i guess the problem is about char "#",  but how to solve this.  I tested my code on AutoCAD 2008.  there is a dwg attached.

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Re: bug about acedssget when the name of layer contains "#"

12-18-2012 08:01 AM in reply to: 421232206

You must escape wildcard characters with a reverse quote character: `#.

Owen Wengerd
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