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about creat New acdbhatch

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08-30-2012 11:00 PM


 I have a number of Acgeentities,but  no sort,and Do not know who is and who is connected

it can be this[]


or like this:

and so on.....



next i want creat a acdbhatch

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Re: about creat New acdbhatch

09-03-2012 08:30 AM in reply to: wangjiantaoafei



You will clearly need to know the boundary to create a hatch or let AutoCAD determine the boundary using the "BOUNDARY" command by providing a point inside the closed area.


From what you have described, you may need to traverse all the entities and write some algorithm that compares their end points and determines closed loops. After you have identified the boundary loops, the hatches can be created.


Hope this helps.

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