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Zoom Extents - UpdateExt values do not update

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06-20-2013 07:58 AM


Every example I've seen for writing a .NET version of ZOOMEXTENTS shows the Document.Database being updated with UpdateExt(true).  Does anyone have any idea why, after executing this line, my Extmin and Extmax values remain unchanged? 


My process is something like this:

*   Inside Drawing1.dwg

*   Make sure I'm in Paper Space (which contains a 36x24 border)

*   Zoom Extents  --  At this point, my code attempts to do a SetCurrentView using the new ViewTableRecord and I get an an eNullObjectPointer exception.


I'm assuming the exception is because the HUGE or maybe ununderstood extents (the defaults are (-1E+20, -1E+20, -1E+20))...  I could be wrong about that.  Anyway if anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, or ideas why the Extmin and Extmax aren't updating I'd certainly appreciate it.



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Re: Zoom Extents - UpdateExt values do not update

06-20-2013 04:01 PM in reply to: GLDMustang

Incorrect EXTMIN / EXTMAX values for a drawing - maybe this post help you.

EXTMIN and EXTMAX depend on ModelSpace extents and not PaperSpace extents.

PEXTMIN and PEXTMAX depend on PaperSpace extents.

Also this link can be useful: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/NET/Drawing-extents-in-Paperspace/m-p/3178638#M25435

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Re: Zoom Extents - UpdateExt values do not update

06-21-2013 04:57 AM in reply to: Alexander.Rivilis

Thanks Alexander...

When I first started researching my problem, I found the first link that you mentioned.  I actually copy and pasted that code into my solution and still got the same exception/error.  I had not seen the other article that you posted.  I'll read up and study on that a bit and see if I haven't missed something elsewhere in my initial DWG or in my code; both of which I'm starting to suspect.  The PEXTMIN and PEXTMAX settings look interesting/promising and I'll check that out this morning.  I'll post my results later.


Thanks again for the reply,


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