why the Selectionsets with name is not more present in .NET?

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03-28-2006 09:37 PM
I have write an application by Com Interop and now i want translate to :Net
but don't find the Collection SelectionSets .

Acad2006 --- visualstudio 2003

COM interop
Sub Example_SelectionSets()
' This example finds the current SelectionSets collection and
' adds a new SelectionSet to that collection.

Dim SSetColl As AcadSelectionSets
Set SSetColl = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets

' Create a SelectionSet named "TEST" in the current drawing
Dim ssetObj As AcadSelectionSet
Set ssetObj = SSetColl.Add("TEST")
MsgBox "A new SelectionSet called " & ssetObj.name & " has been added to
the SelectionSets collection.", vbInformation, "SelectionSets Example"
End Sub

.NET --------------->>>>> ?????????????????????????????

Thank's in advance
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