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WblockCloneObjects Layout of Inventor DWG

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01-19-2012 05:58 AM



I'm trying to WblockCloneObjects an Inventor2012 dwg in Autocad 2012.

In this file there is just 1 layout called "Blad"

I get the objectIDs (23 in my case) but I can't see them in Autocad displayed.

I only see the new Layout!

My routine works well for WblockCloneObjects Autocad2012 dwg!


What am I missing? or isn't this possible at all because its an Inventor dwg?





 public static Database WblockCloneFromExternalDWGfile(string filename, bool isinventorfile)


         Database targetDatabase = Active.WorkingDatabase;

         Database sourchDatabase = new Database(false, true);

         sourchDatabase.ReadDwgFile(filename, FileOpenMode.OpenForReadAndAllShare, true, "");

         targetDatabase.Dimscale = sourchDatabase.Dimscale;


        using (Transaction sourchTransaction = sourchDatabase.TransactionManager.StartTransaction())


             BlockTable sourchBlockTable = (BlockTable)sourchDatabase.BlockTableId.GetObject(OpenMode.ForRead);

             BlockTableRecord sourchSpace;

             if (isinventorfile) { sourchSpace = (BlockTableRecord)sourchBlockTable

                                                                   [BlockTableRecord.PaperSpace].GetObject(OpenMode.ForRead); }

            else { sourchSpace = (BlockTableRecord)sourchBlockTable[BlockTableRecord.ModelSpace].GetObject

                                               (OpenMode.ForRead); }

            ObjectIdCollection objectIDCollection = new ObjectIdCollection();

            foreach (ObjectId objectID in sourchSpace) { objectIDCollection.Add(objectID); }


            using (Transaction targetTransaction = targetDatabase.TransactionManager.StartTransaction())


                BlockTable targetBlockTable = (BlockTable)targetDatabase.BlockTableId.GetObject(OpenMode.ForRead);                 BlockTableRecord targetSpace;

                 if (isinventorfile)


                     ObjectId newLayoutId = LayoutManager.Current.CreateLayout("Blad");

                     Layout newLayout = (Layout)newLayoutId.GetObject(OpenMode.ForWrite);

                     LayoutManager.Current.CurrentLayout = newLayout.LayoutName;

                     //targetSpace = (BlockTableRecord)targetBlockTable[BlockTableRecord.PaperSpace].GetObject


                     targetDatabase.WblockCloneObjects(objectIDCollection, newLayout.BlockTableRecordId, new IdMapping(),

                                                                                 DuplicateRecordCloning.Replace, false);


                 else  //Autocad DWG


                     targetSpace = (BlockTableRecord)targetBlockTable[BlockTableRecord.ModelSpace].GetObject


                     targetDatabase.WblockCloneObjects(objectIDCollection, targetSpace.ObjectId, new IdMapping(),

                                                                                 DuplicateRecordCloning.Replace, false);





         return targetDatabase;


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