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07-24-2013 12:37 AM

I had a old standalone application which i developed in vb.net  creates drawings. Now i want to develop the same application in web and when my  client select the drawing options it should generate a drawing  in dxf or pdf format.


which languages i want to learn to do the above.


When i searched in net i found a simlilar  example. please see this link http://www.mitsubishielectric.com/elevator/members/index.html 


Thank you,


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Re: VB.Net

07-24-2013 10:39 AM in reply to: rajpaul75

I assume you mean "application in the web": user uses web browser to send request to web server somewhere, based on the type of request, web server does something and returns what user wants, usually, that is a stream of text/image with or without some JavaScript code, which the browser renders into web page view for user to view.


In your case, you want to give user a PDF or dxf (a text file, or do you really meant for dwf?), which would be downloaded and/or be opened in browser.


So, the pdf/dwf/dxf would be generated by your web application in the web server with or without AutoCAD installed. I am not sure what kind of lisence policy is applicable of installing AutoCAD in server side. Technically, running AutoCAD in non-user-attented server environment is problematic, to say the least. Since AutoCAD 2013, you might try to run AutoCAD console (I'd only try Acad 2014 or later, console for Acad2013 is more like experimental).


Since your old app is an EXE app, which very likely uses AutoCAD COM API to automate AutoCAD session, you really cannot use the same or similar process in a web server environment.



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Re: VB.Net

07-24-2013 08:26 PM in reply to: norman.yuan
thanks norman.

Yes you are correct "application in the web" . Yes its dwf or pdf file
needed as output. Example : in the web page my client want to select
motor model, type, speed, capacity and available space etc and based on
that input it should create CAD drawing in background and produce them dwf
or pdf output.

Will Javascript workable here ?

Regarding server side Autocad 2014 will do as per my cad sales agent.

Thank you,
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