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vb.net routine - autocad says unkown command

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03-03-2012 02:46 PM

I have no idea why autocad 2012 refuses to load this, or it is loading it but something else is causing the command to not be known.


I have no errors in visual studio & I get no errors when I netload.

I'm sure there are logic errors since I haven't been able to debug this yet (migrating it from VBA to VB.NET)


any help would be appreciated.


the start point / command is in Class2 in vbLayerGroupController


ACF & ACGen contain functions called by my routine.


While trying to figure this out, as a test, I had created a new class with a generic msgbox command within this project & it worked (I removed it now), so there is something in here that autocad doesn't like.


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Re: vb.net routine - autocad says unkown command

03-03-2012 06:47 PM in reply to: kcimos

In your class2.vb file, add this line after the "Imports..." instruction and before the class LayerGroupController, like this:


Imports Autodesk...

Imports .....


<Assembly: CommandClass(GetType(LayerGroupController))>


Class LayerGroupController



    Public Sub LayerGroupController()


    End Sub







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Re: vb.net routine - autocad says unkown command

03-03-2012 08:08 PM in reply to: norman.yuan

that worked.

what is it? why?

I don't have that in any other projects that work.




I would have NEVER figured that out.


also, useful tip for anyone out there (maybe):

I set option strict  = ON, & a lot of errors revealed themselves.

I've been leaving it off because there always ends up being at least one thing I can't resolve, like with this program there was one late binding error (keep in mind I haven't begun to debug this yet since I haven't yet been able to enter my command in autocad to start the process):




ForEach Ent AsObjectInACF.ThisDrawing.PaperSpace

If Ent.ObjectName = "AcDbViewport"Then




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