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vb.net able to create attributes , but unable to alling them orderly

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08-07-2014 05:08 AM

Pardon me but I am no good at vb.net for AutoCAD.


What I'm trying to achive is to create a Bill Of Matterials list that can be inserted into a drawing.


The general structure I want is to create a block with attributes, if a certain block exists then add a new attribute otherwise skip and check for the next block ect...


I had to start from scratch and though counting blocks works fine its the acctual adding of a new attribute which has me a little stuck.


The code i used to train with is as follows.



Imports Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime
Imports Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices
Imports Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices
Imports Autodesk.AutoCAD.Geometry

Public Class Add_ATTRIBUTES

    <CommandMethod("abd")> _
    Public Sub abd()
        ' Get the current database and start a transaction
        Dim acCurDb As Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.Database
        acCurDb = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.Database

        Using acTrans As Transaction = acCurDb.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()
            ' Open the Block table for read
            Dim acBlkTbl As BlockTable
            acBlkTbl = acTrans.GetObject(acCurDb.BlockTableId, OpenMode.ForRead)

            If Not acBlkTbl.Has("CircleBlockWithAttributes") Then
                Using acBlkTblRec As New BlockTableRecord
                    acBlkTblRec.Name = "CircleBlockWithAttributes"

                    ' Set the insertion point for the block
                    acBlkTblRec.Origin = New Point3d(0, 0, 0)

                    ' Add a circle to the block
                    Using acCirc As New Circle
                        acCirc.Center = New Point3d(0, 0, 0)
                        acCirc.Radius = 2


                        ' Add an attribute definition to the block
                        Using acAttDef As New AttributeDefinition
                            acAttDef.Position = New Point3d(0, 0, 0)
                            acAttDef.Verifiable = True
                            acAttDef.Prompt = "Door #: "
                            acAttDef.Tag = "Door#"
                            acAttDef.TextString = "test door"
                            acAttDef.Height = 1
                            'acAttDef.Justify = AttachmentPoint.TopLeft

                            Dim acAttDef3 As New AttributeDefinition
                            'acAttDef3.Position = New Point3d(0, 0, 0)
                            acAttDef3.Verifiable = True
                            acAttDef3.Prompt = "window #: "
                            acAttDef3.Tag = "window#"
                            acAttDef3.TextString = "test window"
                            acAttDef3.Height = 1
                            acAttDef3.Justify = AttachmentPoint.TopLeft

                            acTrans.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(acBlkTblRec, True)
                        End Using
                    End Using
                End Using
            End If

            ' Save the new object to the database

            ' Dispose of the transaction
        End Using
    End Sub

  the problem is not that i cant create a new attribute but allingning the newly created attributes so that theres space inbetween rows is the issue.

when tested test window is directly attached to test door?

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Re: vb.net able to create attributes , but unable to alling them orderly

08-14-2014 04:40 AM in reply to: bart_van_tuyl



Can you please try assigning different Position values for those attribute definitions ?

I think the geometry extents of the first attribute definition can help your code decide the position of the next attribute definition.








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