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VB 2005 - DLL - EXE

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02-26-2006 12:22 PM
Hi all,

I have done alot of Autocad customization in VBA and VB 5, and I am starting
to learn .NET, using VB 2005 Express. Quite a different world ! I have two
concerns at this point.

VB 2005 Express can't debug in DLL projects. I thought a good way of going
around this would be:

- to build a project (Windows application) that would start AutoCAD 2006
- and to bring into this project the classe(s) defined in the DLL project.

Question no 1: is it a good way of doing this ? To try this, I used Lab 1
program downloaded from Autodesk site, the one that adds an HELLOWORLD
command to AutoCAD. Well, although there are no compile or run-time error,
the command don't get added.

Qestion no 2: how can I add a command in a Windows program type of project ?
I guess the magic with the DLL is that the NETTLOAD command takes care of
creating the class and adding the command.

If I can find my answers in a help file or any documentation, please point
me in the right direction.

Thank you all

Gilles Plante
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