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Urgent:- How to create Submenu

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11-30-2006 02:26 AM
Dear All,
Plz any body tell me how to create a submenu by using PopMenu class. I could not found any good tutorial to learn how to create menus and submenu. Some how i m able to create menu but could not found how to add submenu in it. I aslo want to set events on them and enable and disable the items.
Plz Urgent. thanks....
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Re: Urgent:- How to create Submenu

11-30-2006 04:13 AM in reply to: aslam
Here dimensionMenu points to the AcadPopupMenu representing the Dimension Menu.
The code adds a submenu (camSubMenu) and several menu entries into it. As for the events, you'll have to play with the items returned by the AddMenuItem methods.

AcadPopupMenu camSubMenu = dimensionMenu.AddSubMenu(dimensionMenu.Count, "CAM Dimensions");
camSubMenu.AddMenuItem(dimensionMenu.Count, "Square", "SQUAREDIM ");
camSubMenu.AddMenuItem(dimensionMenu.Count, "Sphere Radius", "SPHERERADIUS ");
camSubMenu.AddMenuItem(dimensionMenu.Count, "Sphere Diameter", "SPHEREDIAMETER ");
camSubMenu.AddMenuItem(dimensionMenu.Count, "Key", "KEYDIM ");
camSubMenu.AddMenuItem(dimensionMenu.Count, "Leader", "LEADERDIM ");
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Re: Urgent:- How to create Submenu

12-01-2006 01:13 AM in reply to: aslam
Hi pavlos,
Very thanks for help. It is working. Now two more question plz help.

1. How to assign shortcut key to menuitems. like CTRL+SHIFT+T.
2. How to set image to menu item.
3. I tried to give a name like "Ho&spital". Here 's' should become the "Hot Key". But it did not work. Plz help.
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