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Trouble Creating Viewport in VB.NET

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01-10-2014 11:49 AM



I have a routine that custom builds sheet sets for the users in my company. As a part of that routine, I'm trying to write a sub that takes a filepath input and creates a viewport on the layout of the dwg file. The routine works, insomuch as a viewport is created, however none of the parameters (CenterPoint, Height, Width, Scale) are set. I can modify the parameters and re-run the routine and the output is the same. Any suggestions? The code for the sub is below. Thanks!


    Public Sub CreateViewPort(ToFile As String)
        Dim hostPath As String = ToFile
        Dim myDB As Database = New Database(False, True)
        Dim oldDB As Database = HostApplicationServices.WorkingDatabase
        myDB.ReadDwgFile(hostPath, FileShare.ReadWrite, False, "")

        'Set active layer
        SSLayerCommands.ActiveLayer(myDB, "G-ANNO-VPRT")
        HostApplicationServices.WorkingDatabase = myDB
        Using trx As Transaction = myDB.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()
            Dim blockBt As BlockTable = trx.GetObject(myDB.BlockTableId, OpenMode.ForRead)
            Dim btrPs As BlockTableRecord = trx.GetObject(blockBt(BlockTableRecord.PaperSpace), OpenMode.ForWrite)
            Dim ptCenter As Point3d
            Dim dblHeight As Double
            Dim dblWidth As Double
            Select Case DwgSize
                Case "30 x 42 - Arch E1 Size"
                    ptCenter = New Point3d(17.5, 17.0, 0.0)
                    dblHeight = 10
                    dblWidth = 10
                Case Else
                    ptCenter = New Point3d(17.5, 17.0, 0.0)
                    dblHeight = 10
                    dblWidth = 10
            End Select

            Dim myVP As Viewport = New Viewport
            With myVP
                .CenterPoint = ptCenter
                .Height = dblHeight
                .Width = dblWidth
                .CustomScale = (1.0 / 96)
            End With
            trx.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(myVP, True)

            'myVP.On = True


            'Clean up file handles.

        End Using

        SSLayerCommands.ActiveLayer(myDB, "F-ANNO-TEXT")

        myDB.SaveAs(hostPath, DwgVersion.Current)
        HostApplicationServices.WorkingDatabase = oldDB

    End Sub


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Re: Trouble Creating Viewport in VB.NET

01-24-2014 09:29 AM in reply to: mcoffman
- I doubt you can do much with layouts and Viewports without the screen, i.e. the db connected to a Document.
- you didn't activate a layout in you're code.

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