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10-17-2006 05:02 AM
I have write a command that show a form .On this form i have a button that
ask to select a position.
when i select a position i want use transparent command like 'zoom ,etc.

if i write in this way work correct but when i minimize the form autocad is

Sub Mycommand
Dim FrmMain As New FrmMain

Application.ShowModalDialog(AcAs.Application.MainWindow, FrmMain, False)

end sub

in this way i can minimize the form and run other command like "LINE",etc,
but when i try to give 'zoom or other transparent command the system say
"required a point or a keyword".

Sub Mycommand
Dim FrmMain As New FrmMain

Application.ShowModelessDialog(AcAs.Application.MainWindow, FrmMain, False)

end sub

Some help?
Thank's in advance
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