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Trace boundary with Nested object of X-ref

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01-23-2013 03:54 AM



I am x-referencing A.dwg to B.dwg. Now I want to get the properties of A.dwg when I am clicking on any entity in B.dwg. For this I am using the Nested concept, the code for which I am pasting below.


Dim PrNestOps As New PromptNestedEntityOptions("Pick Nested Entity")
PrNestOps.AllowNone = False
PrNestOps.UseNonInteractivePickPoint = False
'set that to true and supply a point to NonInteractivePickPoint if you want to get an entity at a known point without prompting the user
Dim pner As PromptNestedEntityResult = acdocs.MdiActiveDocument.Editor.GetNestedEntity(PrNestOps)
If pner.Status = PromptStatus.OK Then
  Dim nestedID As ObjectId = pner.ObjectId 'this is the id of the most deeply nested object at the picked point
  Dim pickpt As Point3d = pner.PickedPoint
  Dim ParentIds As New ObjectIdCollection(pner.GetContainers) 'this is the Ids of all the container objects
End If

 Here when I click on a closed polyline, I am able to get the ObjectID and the associated properties. But now I want that when I click on the center point inside the closed polyline, it should be able to trace/find the associated polyline for the center point, give me the ObjectID.


Please let me know the code that needs to be used for the same.

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