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starting to use .NET for autocad

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08-21-2012 02:23 PM

Long time reader, first time poster. Quick questions on getting started with .NET for AutoCAD. I have extensive experience with VBscript for Rhinoceros (Rhinoscript) and some with VB.NET for Grasshopper, though I always used the built-in script editor with GH and not Visual Studio.


AutoCAD user since R14, currently using AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD Architecture 2011 and 2013, Visual Studio Express 2010, Win 64 (ObjectARX 2011 & 2013)


So far I've found AutoCAD's ObjectARX documentation a bit opaque and a frustrating change from the transparency of Rhino's. I'm seeking a tutorial or some simple examples of file i/o methods, or just how to begin searching for the appropriate classes and methods, which .chm files to search, best practices. Seems like a lot of the sample code I've seen posted online is outdated for copy + paste between AutoCAD versions, especially with 2013 - sometimes just with using Win 64 and the ARX 2010 which I don't see available from Autodesk - and therefore requires a pretty thorough familiarity with where to start searching for replacements. I'm equally happy writing for 2011 or 2013, as long as it works.


Helpful for a beginner have been:


My specific current issue deals with importing .dwg exports from Rhino / Grasshopper for making an architectural drawing set of a large building project. Specifically:


-Get a target string in filenames to search for. For example, string = "L001", "L002", etc
-Find all files in a parent directory with the target string. For example, "L001" would return "facade_L001.dwg", "reference_L001.dwg", "interior_L001.dwg", etc
-Xref all files containing this string into the current file
-Save current drawing as "filename_L001.dwg" and close


Scripting macros wouldn't work as I need variables and conditional execution.


Many thanks for any help out there. It's much appreciated.



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Re: starting to use .NET for autocad

08-21-2012 03:58 PM in reply to: dingleboy

Hi dingleboy,


Have you found the resources posted to www.autodesk.com/developautocad - particularly the AutoCAD .NET training material and accompanying 'DevTV' recordings. That same material will be covered in a weekly webcast series starting September 6th - see http://www.adskconsulting.com/adn/cs/api_course_sched.php. The webcast will include opportunities to ask questions online.



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