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05-09-2006 11:37 AM
since there is no SelectAtPoint in .NET, I am thinking to create one myself.
I tried
GetSelection, but I can use point as paramete;
GetEntity, only return 1 object selected ( at my case, it's possible there are > 1 object at pickbox ) and I can not filte by layer
SelectCrossingWindow, I have to problem to convert pickbox size to AutoCAD geometrical size.
What I like to do is, to select something in the drawing, user pick a point in the drawing,
a) if there is something under cursor,
a1) if only one object selected, add to selection set, highlight it, prompt to select next one
a2) if more than one object selected, highlight one, user can type N (for Next) to move to next one
a3) user can keep pick for next object
b) if there is nothing under cursor, I will look for the closest boundary pline around this point.
c) if there is no boundary pline found, ask to pick 2nd point to create a Window/Crossing selection.

I almost get b) done. c) would not be a problem.
Now my question is,
1) is there a way to use a point as parameter of GetSelection ? or get the pick point from GetSelection ?
2) How I can calculate my select window from pickbox value at any zoom level so I use SelectCrossingWindow ?

in ObjectARX, acedSSGet( NULL, pt, NULL, NULL, ss ) do the job. Is this implement in .NET ?

I would appreciate any help. Thank you very much

Vault Pro 2014, Windows 7 64 bit, AutoCAD (ACA, Map) 2014
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