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Save command defaults

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01-02-2012 12:52 AM

Hi All, I have exhausted my searching, so here goes. I am looking for "best practice" example code for saving/re-using command default values from previous user input. Similar to lisp globals, but for C# (or VB.net); ie next time the command is run in a given session, the user's previous input is the default <>. I am currently using Properties.Settings to persist these values. Thanks, Dale 

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Re: Save command defaults

01-02-2012 08:53 AM in reply to: Dale.Bartlett

I wouldn't say there is a definite best practice. There are several ways of doing this.


If you're not defining all your CommandClass CommandMethods as static/shared functions, then an instance of your class is created by AutoCAD for each document your command is run in. In that scenario, you can simply store your default values as member variables of your class. That way you're storing 'per document' data.


Alternatively, you can store 'per document' data using the Document.UserData property. 


Or if you want global (cross document) data, you can simply store settings in static/shared member variables for your class. 


Finally, if you're happy to use an installer that requires admin privileges to deploy your app, then you can make use of the Variable class from the Runtime namespace to create your own AutoCAD sysvars. (My recollection is that the registry data for this class has to be setup before AutoCAD launches, but you should check that).




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Re: Save command defaults

01-02-2012 11:45 PM in reply to: Dale.Bartlett

In our apps we have solved this by the default app.config of the dll.


In VS right-click on the Project -> Properties -> Settings.


That way you will store your settings and have them back when you start Acad again.


Then you insert in your code :


using [YourNamespace].Properties;


// start input gathering

      PromptDoubleOptions LenghtOptions = new PromptDoubleOptions( "Enter lenght : " );
      LenghtOptions.UseDefaultValue = true;
      LenghtOptions.DefaultValue = Settings.Default.MyLenght;
      PromptDoubleResult LenghtResult = Ed.GetDouble( LenghtOptions );
      if ( LenghtResult.Status != PromptStatus.OK )
      Settings.Default.MyLenght= LenghtResult.Value;

      Settings.Default.Save( );


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Re: Save command defaults

01-03-2012 09:30 PM in reply to: Dale.Bartlett

Thanks for the replies. That is exactly the information I needed. I am currently using Settings.Default.Save to persist between sessions, which seems more logical to the user rather than "start again". The code sample will help me tidy mine a little. Regards, Dale  

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