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release object

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10-19-2005 12:30 PM
When I draw a line or offset a pline, I need to use
to add to AutoCAD database. but how about I don't want to add them to AutoCAD database? I just need this line(pline) for calculation, or find the intersection point with other AutoCAD Object. in VBA, I will delete them afterward. How is in .NET? Just simple NOT add to database? Should I release them with Close() or Dispose()?
btw, what's the difference between Close() or Dispose()?
I tried to run Curve.Close(), and get a compile warning:
xxxx.cs(887,7): warning CS0618: 'Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices.DBObject.Close()' is obsolete: 'Use Transaction instead'

Thank you and appreciate your help
Vault Pro 2014, Windows 7 64 bit, AutoCAD (ACA, Map) 2014
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