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PnId Database Overrule

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05-31-2013 01:02 AM



Does anyone know if there is an equivalent ObjectOverrule for the PnId Database?


If an entity is copied I dont want certain field values to be copied.


I've tried an ObjectOverrule but I can't get the RowId at that point.


I also noticed that the field values are set as XData. I edited the XData in my ObjectOverrule but the values still gets copied.


Is there a setting at project level to control which fields not to copy?




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Re: PnId Database Overrule

06-05-2013 03:06 PM in reply to: annse

ObjectOverrule should apply to P&ID entities like all other entities. I am not sure off hand the exact order of events between our cloning code and the overrules. I do know we react to begin/end clone events and in the end clone do a lot of work to create rows in the project database, establish relationships, and copy row data.


I don’t think the Xdata is used in all situations. I know we attach Xdata with the property data so that we can insert DWGs (e.g. wblock followed by insert / explode).


It seems you simply want to prevent some project database row data from being copied?


I believe the best way to do that is to use the DataLinksManager events. 



        static private bool bIsActive = true;

        public static void dlm_DataLinkOperationOccurred(object sender, DataLinkEventArgs e)


            if (e.Action == DataLinkAction.RowModified && bIsActive)




                    DataLinksManager dlm = PlantProject.ActiveProjectPart.DataLinksManager;


                    if (dlm.HasProperty(e.RowId, "SAPCode"))


                        StringCollection props = new StringCollection();




                        StringCollection values = null;

                        values = dlm.GetProperties(e.RowId, props, true);


                        PpObjectIdArray ppoids = dlm.FindAcPpObjectIds(e.RowId);


                        StringCollection newprops = new StringCollection();



                        StringCollection newvals = new StringCollection();

                        newvals.Add(values[0] + values[1]);


                        bIsActive = false;

                        dlm.SetProperties(ppoids.First.Value, newprops, newvals);








                    bIsActive = true;





        [CommandMethod("DEMOSTART", CommandFlags.Modal)]

        public static void DemoStart()


            DataLinksManager dlm = PlantProject.ActiveProjectPart.DataLinksManager;

            dlm.DataLinkOperationOccurred +=new DataLinkEventHandler(dlm_DataLinkOperationOccurred);



        [CommandMethod("DEMOEND", CommandFlags.Modal)]

        public static void DemoEnd()


            DataLinksManager dlm = PlantProject.ActiveProjectPart.DataLinksManager;

            dlm.DataLinkOperationOccurred -= new DataLinkEventHandler(dlm_DataLinkOperationOccurred);




That is sample code that updates a SAPCode property every time a row in the project is modified. It would need to be changed to react to rows being added / modified and blank out necessary properties.

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