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Re: Plotting Device Information with events

05-07-2013 04:13 AM in reply to: Amremad

it's work good

but i have two think can't catch it

1- Scale 

2- which layout printed

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Re: Plotting Device Information with events

05-07-2013 06:40 AM in reply to: Amremad

As my previous reply pointed out: in the BeginPage event handler, the BeginPageEventArgs provides the information you need.


The code would be like:


void MyPlotReactorManager_BeginPage(object sender, BeginPageEventArgs e)


    //Get Layout name the current plotted page is plotting

    PlotInfo pInfo=e.PoltInfo;

    ObjectId layoutId=pInfo.Layout;

    //Then, you can open a transaction to get Layout object, hence, its name


    //Get scale, depending on whether standard or custom scale is used

    PlotSettings pSettings=pInfo.ValidatedSettings;

    CustomScale scale=pSetting.CustomPrintScale;


    double stdScale=pSetting.StdScale


   //Paper size

   Point2d size=pSettiings.PlotPaperSize



Note, the code is just off my head and not tested, but you get the idea: just digging into BeginPageEventArgs's PlotInfo property would get all information you need.


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