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Plot / Pubish PDF

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01-09-2012 08:56 AM



I've something which is driving me nuts.

I'm using AutoCAD Electrical and have to plot/publish all my drawings in a single PDF (multi-sheet).


All DWG's are seperate files and need to be combined in 1 PDF file.

What's the best way to go?


 I already created a routine which plot's every DWG into a PDF file, but now the latest hurdle. Combine them in a single file.



1.dwg = 1.pdf

2.dwg = 2.pdf

3.dwg = 3 pdf




Project.PDF = 1. DWG + 2.DWG + 3.dwg + etc.


I don't have Acrobat Distiller or something similar :smileysad:


When using the Publish option inside AutoCAD I can do that manually but I want to automate it.


Who can help me?






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Re: Plot / Pubish PDF

01-09-2012 10:17 AM in reply to: Gaituuth

There is an adobe reader API with some tools if you want to do it yourself.  Attach AcroRd32.dll (eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader) and use object browser to look at the Acrobat, PDFMAKERAPILib,  and PDFMerge name spaces.  I have no code samples to offer yet but there are some on the internet.


There are also several free pdf APIs available.  

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Re: Plot / Pubish PDF

01-09-2012 12:15 PM in reply to: Gaituuth

Create a new Pdf Document using  ITextSharp libraries.

Then import Pages from existing documents, like so



Read the book iText_in_Action_Sec_v1_PUBLISH.pdf for the details

The dwgToPdf.pc3 delivered with AutoCAD 2010 .. 2012 also exports the AutoCAD Layers.

Using iTextSharp you can turn them on/off, remove from the list etc.

Also need is adding metadata which popup on an area when dragging the cursor over that area.





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Re: Plot / Pubish PDF

01-10-2012 05:39 AM in reply to: SENL1362

AutoCad as a driver pdf to dwg. Why not use that?

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Re: Plot / Pubish PDF

01-10-2012 05:50 AM in reply to: stuartnathan

do you mean DWG to PDF ?

TS is using that PC3 driver to make separated pdf files.

But for some good reason he want's to merge them into one multipage pdf file.

itextSharp libraries has this functionality and more.



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Re: Plot / Pubish PDF

01-10-2012 06:33 AM in reply to: Gaituuth



Thanks for the reply's.

Itextsharp is indeed something which I'm looking for.

I hoped that there was a standard API available in AutoCAD to plot a single PDF with multiple pages.

but regarding to the reply's and my own research this isn't.


I going to implement the Itextsharp in my .NET program.











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