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.NET equilavalent for Unmanaged Code

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07-26-2006 11:08 PM
Can any body plz give me .NET equalvalent of the below code:-


typedef Acad::ErrorStatus
(AcDbDatabase* pDb, bool bUnused);

Acad::ErrorStatus MakeThumbnail(AcDbDatabase* pDb)
static acdbMakeDrawingPreviewPtr pFunc = NULL;
if( pFunc == NULL )
HMODULE hLib = GetArxModuleHandle("AcBlock.arx");
if( hLib == NULL )
return Acad::eInvalidInput;
void* pv = ::GetProcAddress(hLib,
if( pv == NULL )
return Acad::eInvalidInput;
pFunc = (acdbMakeDrawingPreviewPtr) pv;
if( pDb == NULL )
return Acad::eInvalidInput;
return (*pFunc)(pDb, false);

// moduleName (filename.arx) must be on PATH.

HMODULE GetArxModuleHandle(const char* moduleName)
HMODULE hLib = ::GetModuleHandle(moduleName);
if( hLib == NULL )
acrxLoadModule(moduleName, false, false);
hLib = ::GetModuleHandle(moduleName);
return hLib;
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