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.Net DWG viewer again - options?

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08-09-2013 10:55 AM

Hello, I am struggling trying to find a .net DWG viewer component that actually works and having a very hard time.  I tried DWG Viewer from SkySoft and cannot get it to register in VS 2010, I downloaded and installed SolidWorks eDrawings viewer and tried to use that.  I could not get that to register and place the control on the toolbox.  I also tried TrueView and I'm beginning to thing it can't be done.  :smileysad:  It seems like this should be fairly easy but it's not.


All I want is to be able to display the .dwg drawing on a Windows form.  I have a .net WinForms app that I would like to show the drawing to the user.  I already have the bitmap preview and would like something larger. 


I am using Visual Studio 2010 on a Win 7 64bit machine.




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Re: .Net DWG viewer again - options?

08-13-2013 04:57 PM in reply to: jshipley

Hi Jim,


The steps to use the acctrl is explained in Kean's blog post :



I had attached a sample project in the following post and it uses the acctrl to display drawings. It worked on my Windows 7, 64 bit system. Can you please try it ?




It might be easier to develop it on a 32 bit environment as the control can be inserted using the Visual Studio Forms designer. But if you prefer to develop it in a 64 bit environment, the steps explained in this blog post can help :





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