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.NET-BroadcastEventWindow.1.0.5000.0.1:acad.exe - Application Error

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08-22-2005 01:22 AM
Hello All!
I have a .NET dll which is a DBX wrapper wrrited by VC++7.0 and Vc++.NET.
If I used (command"_.netload""my.dll") to load it.
I get a memory cannot be read error (below) messagebox when I close the acad.exe.

Title :.NET-BroadcastEventWindow.1.0.5000.0.1:acad.exe - Application Error
Text:The instruction at "0x091462c0" referenced memory as "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program.

But if I use the "netload" command in the command line,everything is ok.

It is a wonder,even if i used the (command"_.netload""my.dll") ,close acad.exe is normal as long as I run "netload" command in command line once.

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