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Need help with AnchorEntityToEntity location of anchored object

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07-05-2012 05:20 AM

With VB.Net I'm trying to anchor an MVPart to a Railing.

I add the MVPart at a specific location first, and it is located correctly.

Then I attempt to anchor it with AnchorEntityToEntity and it anchors fine but the MVPart moves from where it was originally located.

I repeat this process a few times and all the anchored MVParts are displaced the same.

What am I missing in my code snippet below to get the MVPart to maintain its location?


Using acTrans As Transaction = mydb.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()
    MVPObj = acTrans.GetObject(MVPObjID, OpenMode.ForWrite) ' MultiViewPart
    BeamObj = acTrans.GetObject(BeamObjId, OpenMode.ForRead) 'Railing object
    Dim anc2 As New AecDBS.AnchorEntityToEntity
    anc2.ReferencedEntityId = BeamObjId
    anc2.OwnerId = BeamObjId
End Using



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Re: Need help with AnchorEntityToEntity location of anchored object

07-05-2012 08:22 AM in reply to: CommCorp

I would suggest you post this question on the AutoCAD Architecture Customization forum


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