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Multiple projects in a solution with VS 2005

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09-29-2005 08:38 AM
I'm having problems converting a small project from VS2003 to VS2005. I have
a project 1 that contains classes to draw various shapes, etc. I have
another project 2 in the solution which contains classes that use the
classes in Project 1. I set a reference in Project 2 for Project 1.

Now both projects need a reference to the AutoCAD COM 2000 Type library
since I'm working with AutoCAD 2002. I set the reference in project one and
the "'AutoCAD.AcadApplication' is not defined." type errors go away for that
project. As soon as I set the reference for Project 2 though, the
'AutoCAD.AcadApplication' errors go away for that project but I get the
following error.

'Indirect reference is being made to assembly 'Interop.AutoCAD', which
contains 'AutoCAD.AcadModelSpace'. Add a file reference to
'C:\Data\Projects\VB Dot
Net\Test\Level1\Level1\obj\Debug\Interop.AutoCAD.dll' to your project. This
error could also be due to mixing a file reference to 'C:\Data\Projects\VB
Dot Net\Test\Level1\Level1\obj\Debug\Interop.AutoCAD.dll' in project
'Level1' with a file reference to 'C:\Data\Projects\VB Dot
Net\Test\Level2\Level2\obj\Debug\Interop.AutoCAD.dll' in project 'Level2'.
If both assemblies are identical, try replacing these references so both
references are from the same location. C:\Data\Projects\VB Dot

Does anyone know how to solve this? I tried setting the path for Project 2
to the path in project 1 to no avail.

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