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Re: ModelSpace vs. PaperSpace Viewport

08-20-2013 12:09 PM in reply to: BlackBox_

Thank you BlackBox for the response.  The link to the code that you provided works nice only if one is in the Model Tab or in the Layout Tab.


However if you are in the Layout Tab (Paper Space) and you are looking via the viewport at the Model Space then the code will return the Model Space ID.

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Re: ModelSpace vs. PaperSpace Viewport

08-20-2013 02:53 PM in reply to: junoj

I overlooked your earlier statement that you're attempting to identify the active space from a side Database... The only other thing I can think to suggest without Googling, is for you to consider Database.CurrentSpaceId as Kean suggests here:






... Perhaps someone much smarter than I will be along shortly, to better suggest a solution. Sorry I could not be of more help.



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