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Re: Modeless dialog advice requested...

03-08-2006 06:49 PM in reply to: *James Maeding
excellent, that nails down what I had heard.
The problem with an external VB6 prog is that you have to be careful about what drawings are open in MDI sessions, and
also sessions that are doing something when your modeless dialog tries to do something.
Those tasks get much more stable when a prog runs inside acad.
The only languages that seem appealing (to me) that run inside are .net and ARX apps. Lisp was good, but without a
decent dialog box extension program like ODCL, its not very slick. I know how to make dlls with VB to do dialogs, but
they are not "hooked up" to acad as nice as you can do with ODCL.

I bet many people do not realize this. The fact that .net runs inside, but relies on an outside editor that is standard
is a big deal. I never liked VBA because of its little differences from VB classic...

Tony Tanzillo
|>There's quite a few differences between VB6 and .NET
|>forms. Applications that use the .NET API for AutoCAD
|>must be loaded as DLLS. Standalone executables can
|>only use COM/ActiveX to talk to AutoCAD, and I don't
|>think that's what James had in mind.
|>In .NET applications that are loaded into AutoCAD as
|>DLLS and use the .NET API, Forms are not shown using
|>the Show() or ShowModal() methods, they're shown
|>using one of these methods of the Application object:
|> ShowModalDialog()
|> ShowModelessDialog()
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