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Merge ribbon tab

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06-20-2012 06:10 AM

When i start Autocad and then the command 'SRT' then nothing happens

When i edit a block , and the tab "Block Editor - Close Contextual Merged Tab" has been visible then the command 'SRT' works and shows me the merged tab.


Does anyone knows what i have to do to make the command work even when te merged tab has not been visible.



    <CommandMethod("SRT")> Sub setRibbonTab()

        Dim RibContr As Autodesk.Windows.RibbonControl = Autodesk.Windows.ComponentManager.Ribbon

        For Each rib In RibContr.Tabs

            Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.Editor.WriteMessage(vbLf & rib.Name)

            If rib.Name = "Block Editor - Close Contextual Merged Tab" Then

                rib.RibbonControl.ShowContextualTab(rib, True, True)

            End If

    End Sub



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