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Loop thru Text

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10-06-2006 02:16 PM
I've been tasked

1) to read the text on dwg files;
2) to filter as necessary and ;
3) to transfer pertinent data to Sql Server.

I'm fine on #2 and #3 IF I can figure out #1.

The company is using AutoCad2000 and is not updating.

I've found several sample codes in the forum, but they don't work, mostly due to changes in the AutoCad object since ver 2000 (eg. AutoCad.AcadEntity.Textstring does not exist).

Using the AutoCad2000 object, can anyone help me with the VisualBasic code to loop through a dwg file and find any text for me to do with whatever is needed?

I do not need any long, drawn out examples (unless you're cutting and pasting). I simply do not understand the objects I need to Dim in order to create a For Each ... In ... Next loop.

Thank you.

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Re: Loop thru Text

10-09-2006 05:44 AM in reply to: vlvawter
Could you clarify what you mean by "text" in a drawing? You want to find text based on a search string you specify?
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