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Loading Acvba.arx stop vb.net running

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02-12-2007 12:27 PM

I can't find out why this is happening. Every time acvba.arx is loading,
none of the controls in the dialogbox is not working.
(After the second time loading). Esc and enter key is working. If you load
this very simple HelloWorld prosj and then appload
acvba.arx, or load a VBA prosject, you will see. Rename it from zip to dll.
Type HF to start.

For one year now I have work with a reinforcement program (35000 lines) and
i if can't solve this problem I cant use it.
So I will be very happy if anyone have an idea what to do

I use VS 2003 and AutoCAD 2006 and windows XP. I have installed VS2003 on
two different computers end the same thing
is happening on both

Rune Aarnes
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