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Re: Issues with Intersecting AutoCAD 2010

04-16-2013 09:10 AM in reply to: DiningPhilosopher

I checked the databaseServices IntersectWith in my object browser, and I see that the last 2 arguments are Long, so I guess this means the 64-bit patch is required.


And this also means I'm stuck with the platformUtils.vb fix... for now, at least. Any idea why this method


PlatformCompatibilityExtensionMethods.intersectWithMethod1.Invoke(entity, args)


gives me a "System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException: Parameter count mismatch" error? This is what I been trying to figure out, but it's kind of a trial and error thing for me, and nothing I've tried seems to work.


The error msg says that System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke() takes 5 arguments -> Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture


I'm at a crossroads on how to resolve this. It's been a long journey from filleting lines,only to end up patching up the IntersectWith method, and then getting stuck on the fix for IntersectWIth! But I feel I am almost at the journey's end.


Any suggestions on this parameter count thing?

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Re: Issues with Intersecting AutoCAD 2010

04-16-2013 10:28 AM in reply to: mindofcat

The VB.NET code was converted using Reflector and it didn't do a very good job with it, and there's no compiler error when built the code.


I updated the code on theswamp, and it should work, but you don't call those methods directly, you call the methods with the <Extension> attribute (as you originally tried), which you should be able to do via the Entity variable, or by prefixing their names with PlatformCompatiblityExtensionMethods.IntersectWith(....).

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Re: Issues with Intersecting AutoCAD 2010

04-16-2013 10:48 AM in reply to: DiningPhilosopher

DiningPhiloshoper, you're the best out there! 


Phew, finally this problem is resolved, your updated code took care of the parameter mismatch issue. All i had to do was replace this:


PlatformCompatibilityExtensionMethods.intersectWithMethod1.Invoke(Nothing, (BindingFlags.NonPublic Or BindingFlags.Static), Nothing, args, Nothing)


with this:


PlatformCompatibilityExtensionMethods.intersectWithMethod1.Invoke(entity, (BindingFlags.NonPublic Or BindingFlags.Static), Nothing, args, Nothing)


and the whole thing worked like a charm!


Thank you so much, DiningPhilosopher, my gratitude knows no limits for your patience, and all the help you accorded me in resolving this IntersectWith issue.

God bless.


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