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insertion doesnt redefine

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04-27-2006 03:11 PM
Ok, I know that the "insert block with attributes" thing has been beat
to death here so Im not asking about that. I do have some code that inserts
an external block, with attributes and it seems to work fine. Doing this
programmatically seems to have a "side effect" though.
If I insert a block, for simplicity sake, just a circle, into a drawing,
it looks just fine. If, while still in the drawing, I open up the block on disc
and change the circle to a square, then run the program again something strange happens.
The block inserts as a square, but the existing circle block does not change!
The block definition, as viewed with the insert or block command shows the new block
definition, but the pre-existing block reference does not get altered. How can it
be possible to have to block references that look different when they reference the
same block definition???
If I do the same process manually, with the insert command, pre-existing blocks are
redefined, why not when done via code?
Thanks, Perry