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Infamous Fiberworld=0 issue prevents AutoCAD from opening drawing

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09-27-2012 08:13 AM

There is known VS2010 debugging issue with AutoCAD2011/2012 (I guess it is also the same with Acad2010, but I never used it) that break point is not hit or the debugging is gone lost. To solve this we set AutoCAD to run fiber-less by set "Fiberworld" in AutoCAD to 0 (with command "NEXTFIBERWORLD"), which stops AutoCAD's ribbon/menu/toolbar working, which is the trade-off if we programmer has to do out important development.


I have to set my AutoCAD with Fiberworld=0 in most my development. Yes, with Fiberworld=1, sometimes debugging is OK (mostly if there is not dialog/form is involved). One thing I had been experienced was that when Fiberworld=0, AutoCAD startup/loading drawinig takes much longer time, especially when the AutoCAD is started from VS2010. Until recently, inspite the slowness I had to accept, at least I can debug, thus, I can develop (with constantly forced coffee break due to waiting AutoCAD fully started and drawing fully loaded in minutes).


However, suddenly, with Fiberworld=0, AutoCAD cannot load a drawing anymore. The weird thing is, if you start AutoCAD with a blank drawing (i.e. I double-click AutoCAD icon, or AutoCAD started with VS...), the startup is OK, but if I issue "Open" command and pick a drawing to open,  the drawing seems loading normally but the AutoCAD will never return. If I open Task Manger, I can see acad.exe is still doing something with 20-50% CPU time used.  However, it is not full AutoCAD freeze, the AutoCAD window can be min/maxed. It is just the command line does not respond. It lookes like the drawing opening hangs in the very end. occasionally, AutoCAD eventaully returns to alive after long, long time, but mostly just hanging forever that I have to kill it in Task manager.


However (big HOWERVER), if I double-click a drawing to start AutoCAD, then it is OK!


So, you can see the problem as AutoCAD developer: we let VS to start AutoCAD to for debugging. In most cases, after AutoCAD started, we need to open a specific drawing for the debug, which now hangs AutoCAD because of Fiberworld=0.


I do not know what the cause of this, because I just experience this since yesterday and I have not do debugging with a specific drawing being opened for a while. It might be because of some latest Windows update, or because of installing VS2012 (the latest major change to my computers).


I am using AutoCAD 2012 with VS2010 in two boxes (Win7 32-bit and 64-bit). Both have the same issue.


As AutoCAD programmer, you can see how inconvenient is this.


I try fiberworld=0 on one of our regular CAD user computer: the issue DOES NOT happen there. So, it only have something to do with my coomputers, which all have Acad2012/VS2010/VS2012 installed. Again, it only happens with Fiberworld=0 and when AutoCAD started to a blank session. As long as AutoCAD started with a named drawing being opened immediately, it is OK to open other drawing.


So, my workaround could be to specify a saved dummy drawing name argument to acad.exe  in project->properties->debug->Start external application.


Does any one have the same issue?

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Re: Infamous Fiberworld=0 issue prevents AutoCAD from opening drawing

09-27-2012 02:02 PM in reply to: norman.yuan

Have you disabled InfoCenter?

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Re: Infamous Fiberworld=0 issue prevents AutoCAD from opening drawing

09-27-2012 02:25 PM in reply to: norman.yuan

Disbaling InfoCenter has not effect.


I did run into CommunicateCenter issue that stops AutoCAD startup, before. However, this time, the only issue is that if I start AutoCAD without named drawing, then the open next named drawing will hang AutoCAD when the drawiing loading is almost completed (I can tell it visually): AutoCAD then stops respond with CPU being used (see attached picture) forever.Hanging_ACAD.png


of course, as I stated previously, if only happens when Fiberworld=0 (we poor programmer have to debug with AutoCAD running) and only happens when AutoCAD is first started without named drawing being loaded.


If I doubleclick a drawing to start AutoCAD, then open next drawing will be OK. So, I currently add a named drawing as AutoCAD startup argument iin VS2010 as workaround.

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Re: Infamous Fiberworld=0 issue prevents AutoCAD from opening drawing

10-05-2012 02:22 AM in reply to: norman.yuan

At least for AutoCAD2013 the problem is that when NEXTFIBERWORLD is set to 0 sometimes the Application.DrawingManager.MdiActiveDocument is not set correct. I first noticed this when debugging the DocumentBecameCurrent event. When this property isn't set correctly and you send a command, or start and commit a transaction on it AutoCAD will respond in a very unstable way. Unfortunatly it is not possible to alter Application.DrawingManager.MdiActiveDocument during the DocumentBecameCurrent event.


Opening a new drawing, or starting AutoCAD from the explorer do not cause this problem. Opening a second (large) drawing sometimes will. Cycling through the open drawings will correct the problem. Probably setting SDI to 1 will solve the issue too.


Sometimes after opening several drawings AutoCAD seems to close all of them, but the first (which will get the focus). As far as i can see the other drawings are not closed.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Infamous Fiberworld=0 issue prevents AutoCAD from opening drawing

03-13-2013 08:12 AM in reply to: norman.yuan

Hi Norman,


Did you ever get this resolved?


I'm getting exactly the same problem. I need to set NEXTFIBERWORLD to 0 so that my breakpoints get hit in my form events but doing so means that opening a drawing locks AutoCAD up.


I'm using ACAD 2013 and VS2010.






[EDIT] Sorry, should've read leonardk's reply properly before posting! Closing the default drawing before opening a named one sorts it.

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