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If the heart of your app is a dynamic block how can you secure it?

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11-07-2012 01:57 AM


After dynamic blocks instead of writing lines of code i turned into well designed dynamic blocks. But if you distrube it there will be almost no need for your app. How can we secure it?


I tried password protect but when you insert in a drawing once then there is no protection anymore or there may be password breakers out there.

I tried to encrypt/decyrpt files during insertion but it makes your app slow

I wonder if it is possible to embed a block as resource file and insert it in a drawing but will it  be safe as if resource files are written somewhere as temp files ( I don't know)

After insertion dynamic blocks can be ConvertToAnonymousBlock, purged and if supported by undomarks, i think will be safe.

What is your suggestion?


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Re: If the heart of your app is a dynamic block how can you secure it?

11-07-2012 06:45 AM in reply to: Ruselgun

I don't think there's any simple way to protect content-based IP.


Many AutoCAD addins include content, and the only way to secure it is using some scheme that involves the use of  custom objects, and that requires the code to go anywhere the content goes in order for it to be usable to any reasonable extent.


Must customers would probably not accept any solution that prohibits them from distributing their drawings with content that you want to impose those kind of restrictions on.



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