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I am facing problem with SaveAs API.

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12-03-2013 04:00 AM



I am facing problem with SaveAs API which is when called to save the top drawing of one or above level structure we don’t receive call back for “SaveComplete” event. When we call SaveAs API, it is expected to receive first call back for BeginSave event and then SaveComplete event. But we don’t receive the call back for SaveComplete event.

Below is the scenario:

  1. Create a drawing say, “TopDrawing” and attach another drawing (as xRef) say “ChildDrawing” to the “TopDrawing”.


e.g TopDrawing




  1. Save the drawings.
  2. Now modify the “ChildDrawing”.
  3. After this we are using following SaveAs API for the “TopDrawing”.


            inline Acad::ErrorStatus saveAs(const ACHAR* fileName,

                             const SecurityParams* pSecParams = 0);




After using this API we receive call back for “BeginSave” event. But we are not receiving call back for “SaveComplete” event.


Due to this we are not able to save the TopDrawing after the modification of its reference. This issue is observed in more than one level structures also.


This is observed with AutoCAD2010,11,12 and 13.



Expected Results:


We should receive call back to SaveComplete following to the call back for BeginSave event in order to save the structure correctly.


Please update me what needs to be done if I want to get result as I am expecting after using SaveAS API.


Also provide me the information about the libraries which are used for SaveAs function.


Thank you very much.


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Re: I am facing problem with SaveAs API.

12-05-2013 12:30 AM in reply to: sudhakar_padhilahouse

Hi Sudhakar,


I do not reproduce this behavior in a sample project that I am trying using AutoCAD 2013.


Here is a recording of the steps that I am using. Can you please review it and let me know the steps to reproduce the behavior ?




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