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How to make Menu visible?

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12-11-2012 11:44 PM

I load my .cuix file into Autocad 2013 using VB.Net:


Dim mg As Object
    mg = Application.MenuGroups.Item(cuiName)
Catch ex As System.Exception
    mg = Application.MenuGroups.Load(cuiFile)
End Try


File loading sucsessfuly, but my menu is invisible.


I tried do this, but got an error..

            Dim i As Integer
            For i = 0 To mg.Menus.count - 1
                mg.Menus.Item(i).Visible = True

 How to make menu visible?



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Re: How to make Menu visible?

12-12-2012 10:48 AM in reply to: NovayaEra



Try using InsertMenuInMenuBar. Here is the VBA example from the AutoCAD ActiveX API help file.

 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\acadauto.chm"

Sub Example_InsertMenuInMenuBar()
    ' This example creates a new menu called TestMenu and inserts a menu item
    ' into it. The menu is then displayed on the menu bar.
    Dim currMenuGroup As acadMenuGroup
    Set currMenuGroup = ThisDrawing.Application.MenuGroups.Item(0)
    ' Create the new menu
    Dim newMenu As AcadPopupMenu
    Set newMenu = currMenuGroup.Menus.Add("TestMenu")
    ' Add a menu item to the new menu
    Dim newMenuItem As AcadPopupMenuItem
    Dim openMacro As String
    ' Assign the macro string the VB equivalent of "ESC ESC _open "
    openMacro = Chr(3) & Chr(3) & Chr(95) & "open" & Chr(32)
    Set newMenuItem = newMenu.AddMenuItem(newMenu.count + 1, "Open", openMacro)
    ' Display the menu on the menu bar
    currMenuGroup.Menus.InsertMenuInMenuBar "TestMenu", ""
End Sub


This blog post could also be of interest:




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