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How to fetch xREF "Found At" Path when using No Path while Attaching

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03-01-2013 02:53 AM



I am attaching a File as a xRef. At the time of Attachment, I select attach as attachment, and No Path in Path.

Now if I try to fetch detail of this file using MdiActiveDocument.Database and BlockTableRecord, I gets only file name not the path. However, In AutoCAD we can see the file path under "Found At". Can we read / fetch this using C#.


In cas of Full Path or relative Path, I gets full path in btr.PathName


Kindly reply back ASAP. here is my code  and  I am using AutoCAD 2013


           Database db = acadApp.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.Database;


            using (Transaction Trans = db.TransactionManager.StartTransaction())
                BlockTable BlkTbl = (BlockTable)Trans.GetObject(db.BlockTableId, OpenMode.ForRead,false,true);
                db.ResolveXrefs(false, false);
                XrefGraph XrGph = db.GetHostDwgXrefGraph(true);
                XrefArray = new MyXrefInfo[XrGph.NumNodes - 1]; //A Strucuture Array for all xRef;

                for (int i = 1; i < XrGph.NumNodes; i++)
                    XrefGraphNode XrNode = XrGph.GetXrefNode(i);
                    BlockTableRecord btr = (BlockTableRecord)Trans.GetObject(XrNode.BlockTableRecordId,     OpenMode.ForRead);
                    MyXrefInfo  XrInfo = new MyXrefInfo();  //A Strucuture object for each xRef;
                    XrInfo.Name = XrNode.Name;
                    XrInfo.Path = btr.PathName;
                    XrInfo.DrawingPath = db.Filename;

                    XrefArray[i - 1] = XrInfo;





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Re: How to fetch xREF "Found At" Path when using No Path while Attachi

03-01-2013 06:01 AM in reply to: hbjadeja

If you don't provide a path, the library path is searched. You can search the library path using HostApplicationServices.Current.FindFile().

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