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how to Create a System..... from Autodesk.AutoCAD....FontDescriptor

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03-09-2012 05:24 AM

Sujet :

how to Create a System.drawing.font from  Autodesk.AutoCAD.GraphicsInterface.FontDescriptor



hi i can get a pathname of font from a FontDialog.

i put this information  :


Dim fontDialog1 As New System.Windows.Forms.FontDialog
With fontDialog1
If IsNothing(StyleEncours) = False Then
'remplissage dialog avant display
.Font = New System.Drawing.Font(StyleEncours.Font, 10)
End If

If fontDialog1.ShowDialog() <> System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Cancel Then
'création dun style acad tmp pour récup du path de la font
Dim str As TextStyleTableRecord = New TextStyleTableRecord()
str.Name = "ee"
str.Font = New Autodesk.AutoCAD.GraphicsInterface.FontDescriptor(.Font.Name, .Font.Bold, .Font.Italic, Nothing, Nothing)

Dim Path As String = str.FileName
str = Nothing
If Path = "" Then
MsgBox("Désolé cette font n'est pas reconnu par Autocad" & vbCrLf & _
"Font inutilisable, veuillez en choissir une autre", _
MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Information utilisateur")

 this partial code use "StyleEncours" for populate befo show the fontdialog.

"StyleEncours" contain the path of the font. ie : "c:\windows\fonts\arialb.ttf"


so if this var is not nothing i need to populate the font dialog with a font of windows but i can retrieve the correct name of the font.


this part not working :

.Font = New System.Drawing.Font(StyleEncours.Font, 10)

i thing i need to retrieve the name of font  for do this :

.Font = New System.Drawing.Font("ArialB", 10)



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