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HelpFile in PackageContents.xml

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03-20-2013 02:38 AM



I have created a bundle for my application. The .cuix file is loaded so i see my application in the ribbon, but the application is not loaded until invokation:



The problem I have is with the help file. I have added this to the PackageContents.xml: HelpFile="./Contents/Readme.pdf"


When hoovering the mouse over my buttons in the ribbon (before I have pushed any of them) and pressing F1 AutoCAD opens either the AutoCAD help or the adobe website


When hoovering the mouse over my buttons in the ribbon (after I have pushed any of them) and pressing F1 AutoCAD opens either the AutoCAD help or my help file.


Either way it seems to be inconsistent. Since it opens my help file some of the times I know it finds my file, but why does it not work every time?

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Re: HelpFile in PackageContents.xml

03-25-2013 09:45 AM in reply to: Fredrik.Larsen

I'd start by pointing out that PDF files aren't really what AutoCAD is expecting to use for a help file. HTML files are best. If you use HTML files then you can set command specific help tags by using HTML anchors in your HTML help and then referencing them in your <Command> element... e,g,


      <Commands GroupName="MY_GROUPTEST">
        <Command Local="TEST" LocalDeu="DasTest" LocalEsp"DeTesty" Global="TEST" Description="Launches test palette" HelpTopic="#Helptopic" />


Once you do this, when you press F1 for a command you will be taken directly to the command help specifically.


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Re: HelpFile in PackageContents.xml

03-26-2013 07:30 PM in reply to: Fredrik.Larsen

While it doesn't hurt anything, there's no need to specify LoadOnAutoCADStartup="False", as this snippet explains from a well written Autoloader White Paper:



LoadOnCommandInvocation – Load only when one of your custom commands is invoked. When using this Load Reason, you must include a ‘Commands’ element.  Also, if LoadOnCommandInvocation is enabled, then LoadReasons LoadOnAutoCADStartup  and LoadOnAppearance are assumed to be disabled unless explicitly enabled. Only applies to ARX and .NET modules.


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