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Help troubleshooting a VB.NET project windows form

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10-18-2012 08:53 AM



I manage some automation that our engineering group uses.  These are apps written in VB.NET which involve windows with checkboxes which allow a user to manage drawings. 


One of our users is unable to use one of the apps.  His ACAD hangs up on trying to open the window form that displays the checkboxes to gather user information.  He needs to go to his task manager and kill the Form in order to escape the command and continue.


He is able to use other apps that operate in an identical way (windows form to gather information from user) and other users are able to use the app that isn't working for this one user.


Question for those of you with experience at this, why would one user be unable to open one windows form in a single VB.NET application (he's running the dll from within ACAD) while other nearly-identical applications work for him and all applications work for other users? 


I've had him replace the dll on his C drive in case it got corrupted when he copy/pasted from a shared drive to his C drive.  That didn't help.  If either 1) all windows forms wouldn't open for him or 2) all other users couldn't open this one windows form, then I'd have a direction to go, but it's just this one form for this one user. 


Any ideas?


Thanks for any insight,




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Re: Help troubleshooting a VB.NET project windows form

10-18-2012 03:40 PM in reply to: edweberg



It's impossible to say without the code, but you can check some things:


  • Operating system are all the same version?, are the same bit version 32/64
  • AutoCAD version: 2013 requires a new dll and some refactoring in the code
  • .NET Framework: some applications may require a specific version, by example in 2011 you can compile to be .NET 4 compatible and force AutoCAD to use that framework via the configuration file (acad.config.exe in the acad intall directory)
  • acad.config.exe must be tuned in accordance with the compiled framework of the application
  • acad.config.exe permit some settings to load dlls from a network

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