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Help on Jig - Result angle is by mouse or keyboard?

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09-27-2012 10:36 PM

Hi all,


I am using jig to get orientation angle of a block reference by below steps.


Dim rot As RotateBlockJig = New RotateBlockJig(br, ucsRot)

Dim pr As PromptResult = ed.Drag(rot)

 Is there is anyway or idea to find whether the return angle value is by


 i) 'mouse click on drawing area'


ii) 'keyboard entry on command prompt'?


Many thanks for reading.



Thanks & Regards,
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Re: Help on Jig - Result angle is by mouse or keyboard?

09-28-2012 06:51 PM in reply to: ProfWolfMan

You can try handling the Editor's PointMonitor event.


The event arguments has a History property that is a set of flags indicating a variety of things about each event, including whether input was typed or picked.

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