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HandleToObject fails

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06-14-2013 12:42 PM

 Set Room = AcadApp.ActiveDocument.HandleToObject("22add")


This line fails with an error... everything works as it should up to this line.

"22add" is a known entity handle...

AcadApp.ActiveDocument.HandleToObject response with intellesence as it should.  The error I get is... Run-time error '48': Error in loading DLL


Dim Room As AcadEntity


Set Room = AcadApp.ActiveDocument.HandleToObject("22add")

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Re: HandleToObject fails

06-15-2013 08:26 AM in reply to: mdhutchinson

Try this code, it's working on A2010, I could not have other

version to test

        Public Sub testHandleToObject()
            Dim appver As Object = TryCast(My.Computer.Registry.GetValue("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD", "CurVer", Nothing), Object)
            If appver IsNot Nothing Then
                MsgBox("You have " + "Autocad.Application." + appver.ToString() + " installed")
                MsgBox("Out of luck, sorry, use your other code to get Application")
            End If

            Dim vernum As Integer = CInt(Math.Floor(Convert.ToDouble(appver.ToString().Substring(1), CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)))

            Dim progID As String = "Autocad.Application." & vernum.ToString()
            Dim AcadApp As AcadApplication = Nothing
                AcadApp = TryCast(Marshal.GetActiveObject(progID), AcadApplication)

                MsgBox("Cannot create object of type """ & progID & """")
                Exit Sub
            End Try
            AcadApp.Visible = True


            Dim acdoc As AcadDocument = AcadApp.ActiveDocument

            Dim Room As Common.AcadEntity

            Dim oEnt As Object
            oEnt = AcadApp.ActiveDocument.HandleToObject("618")
            Room = TryCast(oEnt, Common.AcadEntity)
            If Room Is Nothing Then
                MsgBox("Object did not recognised, exit...")
                If Room.ObjectName = "AcDbPolyline" Then
                    Dim oPoly As Common.AcadLWPolyline
                    oPoly = TryCast(Room, Common.AcadLWPolyline)
                    If oPoly IsNot Nothing Then
                        MsgBox("Area: " + oPoly.Area.ToString)
                    End If
                End If
                End If
        End Sub


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