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getselection problem

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12-04-2012 07:48 AM

I'm having an issue with "getselection". I've used this before without problems, however, when I run the attached code, the program cancels when it gets to PromptSelectionResult. It shows my prompt at the command line, but a cancel afterwards, and the program is ended. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


<CommandMethod("CreateImage")> _
        Public Sub Main()

            Dim doc As Document = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument()
            Dim ed As Editor = doc.Editor
            Dim docWindow As Window = doc.Window
            Dim db As Database = doc.Database

            docWindow.WindowState = Window.State.Normal

            Dim size As System.Drawing.Size = docWindow.GetSize

            ed.WriteMessage(vbCrLf + "Document Size:" + vbCrLf + size.ToString() + vbCrLf)

            Dim newSize As System.Drawing.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(950, 573) 'was 608



            Dim selectionOpts As PromptSelectionOptions = New PromptSelectionOptions
            selectionOpts.MessageForAdding = "Select Geometry for image:"
            selectionOpts.AllowDuplicates = False

            Dim selection As PromptSelectionResult = ed.GetSelection(selectionOpts)

            ' if the selection was successful

            If selection.Status = PromptStatus.OK Then


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Re: getselection problem

12-07-2012 03:10 PM in reply to: btmcad

You can't change the size of the document window without cancelling the active command.


Start the LINE command and pick a point. 


Then, resize the document window (or the AutoCAD application window if the document window is maximized)


What happens?

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