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Get all running autocad application instances in .Net

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05-10-2013 02:15 AM

Hello everyone,


I need to get all Autocad applications objects, not only active one.


I'm writing a program which is checking if XREFS attached to current drawing are not opened in another Autocad instance.


Normaly I can get document collection as follow:


Dim docCol As DocumentCollection = Application.DocumentManager

Is there a way to get an Application object from another Autocad process (acad.exe)? 

I wonder if there is something like this:


Dim app As Application = GetApplicationFromProcess()
Dim docCol As DocumentCollection = app.DocumentManager



Basic scenario is:

- Create new autocad drawing 

- Open another drawing in separated Autocad instance (another process)

- Attach second drawing to newly created one as Xref.


Problem is with checking if attached reference is opened in second instance of Autocad.


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Re: Get all running autocad application instances in .Net

05-11-2013 07:55 AM in reply to: luktar
First instance know nothing about second instance,
just a thoughts
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