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GeometricExtents of RotatedDimension

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02-06-2007 01:44 AM
I'm trying to get the extents of a RotatedDimension with Entity.GeometricExtents, but AutoCAD throws an AutoCAD.Runtime.Exception. This anly happens with RotatedDimensions, all other entities return their extents. The dimension itself seems to be correct, since it is drawn at it should and audit finds no errors.
I've looked a bit into the ARXDBG sample that extracts the extents of RotatedDimensions fine and it seems that AcDbEntity::getGeomExtents from ARX works with AcDbRotatedDimension.
Could it be that Autodesk forgot to implement this wrapper or am I missing something?
Anyway, in order to get the extents, I'm trying to get the anonymous block created by the dimension ("*Dxxx"), but I can't find a property or method to return its ID or name. Can anyone help please?
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Re: GeometricExtents of RotatedDimension

02-07-2007 04:33 AM in reply to: pavlos.katsonis
Well, after 2 days of experimenting I at last found the reason for this bizarre behavior. In order for RotatedDimensions to return their GeometricExtents, they not only have to be inserted in the database, but also the outermost transaction with which they were inserted has to be committed first.
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