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Garbage collection

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10-18-2006 06:17 PM
I have a COM component developed in Visual C++ 6 (Say COM_SDK6), and a VB.net client is calling this component.

VB.net client program is specifically calling gc.collect method from its code. Due to this, the order in which destructors of COM_SDK6 is getting called gets random. That is, destructors(of different objects exposed by COM_SDK6) get called in any sequence.

Is it a known feature/limitation of .Net? Or I am making some blunder in the code?

Pl share your views.

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Re: Garbage collection

10-18-2006 07:27 PM in reply to: atin_dhamija
From what I understand you should never call GC from your code, Its expensive and it probably won’t give you the results your looking for. Take a look at Marshal.ReleaseComObject & Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject
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Re: Garbage collection

10-19-2006 01:07 AM in reply to: atin_dhamija
Hi Danielm,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. You are right we can control object deletion by calling FinalReleaseComObject.

One more suggestion, in case you can help:
For using COM_SDK6 component, I am doing "Add Reference" for tlb of Say COM_SDK6 in VB.Net. I have neither done any TLBImp nor written any RCW. Is this right?

Thanks again.
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