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First Question

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05-30-2012 11:14 AM

can i make a function by .net then link this function with command lisp

run when the user write the command lisp ???? "like vba with vl-vbarun "


if yes - how can i start?

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Re: First Question

05-30-2012 12:34 PM in reply to: Amremad



(defun botsbuildbots() (botsbuildbots))
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Re: First Question

05-30-2012 12:42 PM in reply to: Amremad

Yes.  You define the command with the LispFunction attribute, then from lisp, you call it like any other lisp function.


As far as where to start, I suggest downloading the ObectARX SDK for the version of AutoCAD you will be working with, and looking at the .NET Developers Guide.


This is a decent start: http://through-the-interface.typepad.com/through_the_interface/2006/07/breathe_fresh_l.html


Edit: I see while I was digging around for the hyperlinks arcticad already gave you that one.

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Re: First Question

05-31-2012 04:12 AM in reply to: chiefbraincloud

But I don’t know where can I write the vb.net or c#.net code ,

I downloaded and installed objectARX object source but I don’t know how to start, and where 's it's interface editing code?

Can someone explain this subject simply plz


Sorry for my english

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Re: First Question

05-31-2012 05:06 AM in reply to: Amremad

DevTV and AutoCAD .NET Labs can help you: http://adndevblog.typepad.com/autocad/2012/05/devtv-autocad-net-labs.html

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Re: First Question

05-31-2012 07:33 AM in reply to: Amremad

In that case, I would suggest getting a handle on VB or C# development first before attempting to program for AutoCAD - you will lose less hair that way.  Check out Visual Studio Express from Microsoft as your IDE.

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