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Filetab is missing when switching through new created workspaces

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04-08-2014 03:53 AM



I have created two new workspace by copying settings (menues and toolbars) from AutoCAD Standard workspace. Here are some codesnipes

                Workspace baseWorkspace = cs.getWorkspace(WSNAMEBaseWorkspace);                

                Workspace newWS = new Workspace(cs, newWSName);

                foreach (WorkspacePopMenu currPopMenu in baseWorkspace.WorkspacePopMenus)

                foreach (WorkspaceToolbar currToolbar in baseWorkspace.WorkspaceToolbars)

                newWS.WorkspaceQuickAccessToolbar = baseWorkspace.WorkspaceQuickAccessToolbar.Clone();

                newWS.MenuBar = MenuBarToggle.on;    

                retVal = true;            

 then I save the modified cui

if (cs.IsModified)

            for (int i = 0; i < numPartialFiles; i++)
                if (partials[i].IsModified)

 and set the new created workspace as current workspace (Application.SetSystemVariable("WSCURRENT", wsname);)


The code seems to work except for the filetab. When switching thorugh workspaces with no ribbon in the workspace-control-window filetab looses state and isn't displayed. Switching to a ribbon workspace and back to any classic workspace filetab is continuous displayed.


My workaround at the moment is to SendStringToExecute _FILETABCLOSE and after that _FILETAB.

I have noticed that there is a palette under options->workspaces called filetab. This palette is that to display true.


I'm open to suggestions?


Have a nice day


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